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 D-Ranked Mission Babysitting

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PostSubject: D-Ranked Mission Babysitting   Fri May 17, 2013 10:14 pm

While visiting the Leaf Village preparing for the exams, Xero stumbles upon an old woman with several screaming children. When Xero approaches the lady, he finds out that she needs to visit the market but her children were quite unruly and refused to listen to her. Xero volunteered his services to help the lady as he needed some kind of reputation around here. The moment the woman left, the 5 children scattered in different directions, leaving Xero to gather them all before the woman could return.

"Easy enough," thought Xero as he took off to find a vantage point where he could spot the children. They hadn't run that far and Xero knew just how to catch them. One at a time, Xero closed in on each of the children. Using his Auditory Hallucinations Jutsu, he tricked each of them into one location where he proceeded to capture them all. Once he gathered the children and got them all back to the house, the woman was just returning. Seeing her children were safe and sound, the woman told Xero to head to the Great Hall and collect a reward under her approval.
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D-Ranked Mission Babysitting
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