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 How to Make a Character

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PostSubject: How to Make a Character   Mon May 13, 2013 11:48 am

This includes all everything you need in a character. In order to keep all Characters balanced, you must use a point system to first develope your character. Visual Appearance does not affect you points.


Eye Color-
Hair Type-
Ninja Tool/Weapon-
Clan(May be changed)-
Rank(Must start as Genin)-
Village(May be changed with reason)(Please use one from this list

Traits(15 points to distribute)-
Chakra Control-

Ninjutsu- How skilled your character is with their ninjutsu the higher the level the more efficient ones ninjutsu is.

Genjutsu- How skilled your character is in genjutsu the higher the level the better chance you can catch your opponent in a genjutsu or break a genjutsu.

Taijutsu: How strong a character is and the higher the level the more advanced taijutsu may be performed easier.

Perception: How a character notices things in the battle environment and the higher the level the more aware they are.

Speed: (Self explanatory)
Chakra Control: The higher the level the less chakra may be used by certain moves and techniques. And the better you are at controlling you chakra ex. Water walking techniques.

Kekkei Genkai(Optional)- A kekkei genkai may be used. Using one will cost points. Only ones listed may be used:
Byakugan- 6 points (Whenever leveling up, any increase to taijutsu is doubled)
Sharingan- 4 points (Can copy any visual jutsu of an opponent)
Element Release- 4 points

Note: You may equip 3 Ninjutsu and 3 Genjutsu at a time
Every character is fully equipped with any E-Ranked Jutsu
For more information
Keep your Jutsu abilities within reason. A water ninja shouldn't be able to use Phoenix Style
Only list the Jutsu you currently have equipped
Here is a list of appropriate jutsu's

Rank abilities:
Genin- May use 3 D-Ranked nin and gen Jutsu
Chunin- May use 3 D ranked nin and gen and 2 C-Ranked nin and gen Jutsu
Jonin- May use 3 D ranked nin and gen 2 C ranked ninand gen and 1 B-Ranked Jutsu nin and gen. Some cases will be able to use 1 A- Ranked Jutsu
Sunin/Kage- May use any rank 10 nin and gen

Character Sheet:
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How to Make a Character
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